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Welcome to Black Sun Wellness


A Black men's holistic health blog created out of a passion to help enrich the lives of Black men. My mission is to provide you with tools and resources that can help you progress toward peace, balance, and well-being. Through my blog I aim to create a supportive and inclusive community.

At Black Sun Wellness, we are dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness for Black men. Our focus on Reiki and our unwavering commitment to providing valuable resources and fostering a supportive community sets us apart from others in the field. We take pride in offering a safe space for growth, healing, and empowerment. Join us on this journey towards a healthier and happier life, and experience the difference that Black Sun Wellness can make.

Explore Holistic Living With Us

Workshops & Retreats

Engage in immersive workshops and rejuvenating retreats designed to promote mindfulness, self-care, and personal development. Our programs are tailored to address the unique wellness needs of Black men, offering a transformative experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

Wellness Coaching

Our wellness coaching services are thoughtfully crafted to guide Black men towards holistic well-being, providing personalized support and empowering individuals to embrace a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Through a blend of traditional and innovative approaches, we are dedicated to helping you thrive.

Therapeutic Support

We offer specialized therapeutic support to address the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of wellness. Our tailored approach acknowledges the unique experiences of Black men and aims to facilitate healing, resilience, and personal growth.

Connect With Us

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